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Our portfolio is organized under five interrelated themes, reflecting the Foundation’s conscious efforts to face the challenges of the 21st century. Each theme focuses on a specific area while reinforcing each other’s work.

Higher Education and Learning: Contributing:
Towards Building a Knowledge-based Society
The Foundation aims at contributing to the advancement of academic education and research by establishing a world class University. It proposes to create a dynamic learning space that aims at generating a contextualized understanding and application of future sciences and technology for nurturing a healthy society.

Research and Awareness:
Improving Learning and Living
The Foundation promotes a culture of research and dialogue in the country by engaging with a variety of people involved in research projects to improve current ways of learning and living. It aims to create awareness about learning and living through policy advocacy.

Stimulating and Engaging Youth and Communities:
Promoting a Healthy and Productive Life
The Foundation aims at improving the conditions and prospects of communities and young people by providing access to life skills, education, job training and other opportunities critical for their healthy development. It designs and supports various learning programs that facilitate in creating and nurturing diverse skill sets of individuals.

Quality Advancement through Institutional Development:
Supporting Pre-tertiary Educational Initiatives
The Foundation aims to improve the quality of education and devise innovative learning methods reflecting the needs of children and society in the face of growing global challenges. This involves providing both institutional and intellectual support to schools to bring about positive changes in the nurturing and learning processes of individuals.

Indigenous Philanthropy:
Strengthening and Institutionalizing
The Foundation will work closely with the parent group, House of Habib, to help strategize its philanthropic endeavors, as well as offer advisory and support services to other philanthropic organizations to build systematic, transparent and sustainable philanthropy in the country.
"Inspiring and establishing innovative and reflective learning spaces to foster a healthly society."

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