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Habib University Foundation (H.U.F.) emphasizes the development and improvement of schools’ institutional ability and role in disseminating quality education to all segments of society. Through QuAID, H.U.F. aims to establish innovative practices for teaching and learning to respond to the educational challenges of Pakistan. H.U.F. provides the following support to schools:

Quality Enhancement:
Enhancing the quality of the learning environment by adding new learning foci to school curricula, and improving the learning outcomes.

Institutional Development:
Strengthening and improving the current operational framework for safety and security, school administration, HR management, financial planning, networking and relationship building and resource generation.

Training and Learning Support:
Providing access to exciting learning opportunities for students and teachers including innovative learning programs; professional development activities; conferences/seminars; student and teacher exchange and exposure programs.

Technical Support:
Developing creative tools for introducing the school at various forums to explore possibilities of resource generation and school development support.

"Inspiring and establishing innovative and reflective learning spaces to foster a healthly society."

A company setup under section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017)

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