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Habib University garners support for its mission through contributions, Zakat, corporate social responsibility partnerships, and endowments from a dedicated community of Mohsineen. This community, spanning the globe with a significant presence in the USA, UK, and Canada, plays a vital role in supporting the university's initiatives.

HUF Pakistan organizes fundraising activities such as fundraisers, online donations and endowments from Pakistani corporates as well as individual donors.

85% of the total student body at Habib University receives some form of financial assistance in the form of merit scholarship or financial aid.

Not only is Habib University the pioneer of liberal arts education in Pakistan but also provides a contextually relevant education grounded in South Asian context rather than the Western one. Moreover, the way that Habib University’s curriculum and campus is designed, it encourages a student-centered curriculum rather than a teacher-centred one to promote independent thinkers and decision makers.

Donations are either used to provide named scholarships or become part of our open financial aid which is disbursed to students in the form of need-based financial aid or merit scholarships.

Certainly, Zakat can be allocated to support students' higher education. In fact, among the eight categories of Zakat recipients mentioned in the Quran, one is "Ibn al-Sabil," which encompasses travelers and students requiring financial aid. This category specifically addresses students pursuing education without the financial means to do so independently. For additional information, please visit the provided page.

The process of collecting and distributing Zakat at HU adheres to Shariah principles and Habib University has received certification from a Shariah advisor affiliated with Jamia Darul-Uloom Karachi.

We maintain separate bank accounts for Zakat collection and periodic disbursement. Annual Shariah audits are also conducted to ensure transparency. Only Students who are eligible for Zakat are given scholarships or financial aid from Zakat.

Visionaries are individuals who commit to a monthly contribution of USD 100 or above. Benefactors are those who contribute between USD 50 and less than 100 monthly. Supporters are contributors giving between USD 25 and less than 50 monthly. Friends are supporters contributing between USD 15 and less than 25 monthly.

You will receive an email update and receipt as well from our end.

As per Pakistani law, rebate at the average rate of tax is allowed on donations made to any approved non-profit organisation on the lower of donation value and 30% of the individual's taxable income.

Once your donation is processed, an electronic receipt will be sent to the email address you provided in the web link form. Kindly review your spam/junk folder if the receipt is not found in your inbox and ensure to mark it as not spam/junk. This will ensure that future receipts are delivered to your primary inbox.

Please write to the Office of Resource Development at A representative from the Office of Resource Development will contact you once the request is received.

Yes, donations can be made by active debit cards through our portal.

Please write to the Office of Resource Development at to unsubscribe and your subscription will be cancelled. A representative from the Office of Resource Development will contact you once the request is received, and send you a confirmation via email.

We use the word, “Mohsineen” to refer to the donor community of Habib University. The term Mohsineen is derived from the Arabic word, Al-Ahsan and means to “do something perfectly”.

You can visit our website and our Facebook page You can also visit other platforms of Habib University by clicking the icons below.

The Mohsineen of Habib University on Facebook and Instagram is dedicated to connecting with Habib’s Mohsineen.
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