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Student Scholarships

Habib University awards scholarships, financial support to 85% of its students, making it one of the most generous private universities in the world. Your contribution will allow Habib University to educate socially responsible students from diverse social, economic, and cultural backgrounds to ensure their access to a world-class higher education. Habib University’s mission - providing higher education accessible to all - delivers needs-based support.

Student Scholarships

Educational Endowment

Habib University's community co-ownership model allows it to offer remarkable opportunities for crafting inspiring and lasting legacies through a wide array of endowment gifts which includes:

  • Endowed Spaces

    Habib University has an innovative and technologically advanced campus designed to meet the demands of the 21st century. By endowing a space at the Habib University campus you can ensure that future generations of students can continue to avail a world-class education at a state-of-the-art facility.

  • Endowed Chair
  • Endowed Program
  • Endowed School
  • Impact Giving
  • Scholarship/Need-Based Support
Educational Endowment

Impact Giving

At Habib University, we firmly believe that philanthropy knows no bounds. You have the power to make a difference by contributing even a small amount of your choice to our financial aid initiatives, becoming an integral part of empowering deserving students to pursue their dreams.

Introducing our Impact Giving program, designed to harness the collective strength of compassionate individuals like you. Through this program, you have the flexibility to make a donation of your choice, whether it's a recurring monthly or yearly contribution or a one-time gift. Every contribution, no matter the size, plays a significant role in bolstering our student financial aid funds.

Join us on this philanthropic journey. Your contribution, combined with the collective support of our generous community, will create a ripple effect of opportunities and empower the next generation of leaders. Together, let's make a lasting impact through the power of giving.

Impact Giving
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