Habib University's Mission

Habib University was formed in 2014 with the vision of responding to these three core challenges of higher education in Pakistan. By adopting a needs-blind admissions policy, Habib University has been supporting deserving students in carving successful futures for themselves and their families. With 85% of its student body on scholarship or financial aid, Habib University is one of the most generous universities in the world. It has been through the support of our kind and charitable donors that made this dream of high-class education accessible to all-a reality.


The three main challenges plaguing Pakistan’s higher education system are

The Accessibility Challenge

Top private universities in Pakistan are inaccessible to students from disenfranchised backgrounds, particularly to local board students. The effects of poor funding in education is reflected in the fact that only 12% of Pakistani population attends higher education as of 2019. (Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)


The Intellectual Challenge

The curriculum of Pakistani universities lacks transdisciplinary and global approach and hence, fail to produce the same quality of graduates as those abroad. This poor quality of higher education is reflected by Pakistan’s 115th ranking on the Global Competitive Index. (Source: UNDP HDI Rankings and World Economic Forum, GCI Rankings, 2017)


The Sustainability Challenge

Lack of community support and educational endowments for higher education making it difficult to provide sustainable institutional support to students.

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Fostering Community Support

Addressing the challenge of accessibility in education requires strong community support. At Habib University, we have successfully achieved an extraordinary milestone by becoming a non-tuition-dependent institution, thanks to the generosity of our Mohsineen (supporters). Since 2014, we have provided an exceptional $26 million in scholarships and financial aid to 85% of our students.

By supporting Habib University, you contribute to a transformative movement that enables students to access higher education and realize their full potential. Join us in making a lasting impact and fostering a brighter future through your generous donations.

Reshaping Philanthropy

Pakistan has a reputation for its generosity, as evidenced by its contribution of nearly 1% of its GDP to charitable causes. This percentage is comparable to more affluent nations such as the United Kingdom (0.54%) and Canada (0.49%). While charitable donations have a significant impact on societal progress, only 6% of all donations in Pakistan are allocated to education, with a mere 1% designated for higher education.

At Habib University, we aim to revolutionize the philanthropic landscape by redirecting donations towards the crucial cause of higher education. By supporting us with your generous contribution, you have the opportunity to not only transform the life of an individual but also empower entire communities and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

Make a difference today. Your donation to Habib University will foster sustainable and long-term change, ensuring that more students have access to quality higher education. Join us in shaping a brighter future for Pakistan.


habib university a catalyst for change

Transforming Higher Education in Pakistan

Habib University, the pioneer of liberal arts and sciences education in Pakistan, is revolutionizing the higher education landscape. Our cutting-edge curriculum not only adheres to the highest standards but also embraces an interdisciplinary and contextual approach to learning, as advocated by our esteemed global partners.

Through our strategic collaborations with renowned academic institutions worldwide, such as Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley, University of Michigan, Texas A & M University, and Harvey Mudd College, it is evident that we are committed to providing students with an education that is on par with the best in the world.

At Habib University, we believe in the power of a holistic education that nurtures critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability. By supporting our mission, you contribute to shaping the future of higher education in Pakistan and empowering students to excel in a rapidly changing world.

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