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Habib University awards scholarships, financial support, and zakat for education to 85% of its students, making it one of the most generous private universities in the world. Your contribution will allow Habib University to educate socially responsible students from diverse social, economic, and cultural backgrounds to ensure their access to a world-class higher education. Habib University’s mission - providing higher education accessible to all - delivers needs-based support.

Zakat For Education
Zakat For Education - Types of Student Support
Recurring Scolarship

Recurring Scholarships

The recurring scholarship programs allow you to contribute annually to help students attend Habib University.

  • Talent Outreach Program: For outstanding students from various socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds and local examination boards who otherwise could not have been able to attain a world-class higher education.

  • Yohsin Scholarship: A 100% scholarship for meritorious students who exhibit the qualities of Yohsin philosophy to attain a world-class education.

  • Transforming Higher education through your Zakat: Habib University donations are 100% Zakat certified for those students who deserve to study despite their financial constraints.

  • Female leadership scholarship: Supporting talented female students to access transformative higher education to create pathways to cultivating female leadership and help address Pakistan’s gender parity challenge.

  • General Financial Aid: Provide students from all backgrounds the opportunity to study together and learn from each other, supporting pluralism and celebrating the rich diversity of Pakistan.

Talent Outreach Program

Habib University’s unique Talent Outreach Program Support (HU TOPS) addresses the accessibility and affordability crisis prevailing in higher education resulting from the prohibitive costs of private universities.

  • The HU TOPS Program provides 100% scholarships for the four-year undergraduate degree at Habib.

  • The program is designed for high-merit students from local examination boards, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

  • In total, 200 students receive the HU TOPS scholarship annually.

  • Your contribution to the HU TOPS program will allow Habib University to continue providing a world-class educational experience to outstanding students and play a crucial role in transforming lives and contributing to nation-building.

Recurring Scolarship

Yohsin Scholarship

The Yohsin Scholarship stands on the core philosophy of the University that entails that every human being’s worth is in their “Yohsin.” Derived from the quote of Hazrat Ali A.S., Yohsin encompasses a worldview where an individual’s worth is based on their technical expertise and positive contribution to the world around them.

The scholarship is for students who exemplify the Yohsin philosophy while maintaining an outstanding academic record. Your contribution to the Yohsin scholarship will ensure that students with an excellent contribution to society have the opportunity to attain a world-class education.

The five distinct characteristics of Yohsin include:

  • 01

    The pursuit of excellence

  • 02

    A passion for learning and action

  • 03

    A respect for diversity

  • 04

    An appreciation of beauty

  • 05

    A sense of service to the community

General Financial Aid

General Financial Aid

Supporting General Financial Aid provides an ideal opportunity to help students from all social backgrounds, including those who are not eligible for receiving support through religious giving or do not qualify for Habib university scholarships.  

Many of these students represent families where no one before them has had the opportunity to attain higher education. By giving a gift of your choice, you can make a lasting difference in the lives of these students, encourage pluralism and promote diversity.

Female Scholarship

Gender inequality continues to be a significant concern for Pakistan. According to the latest Global Gender Index , Pakistan ranks 135 out of 156 countries for educational attainment. The Female Scholarship program is designed to empower future female leaders by providing them a chance to get access to world class higher education.

Female Scholarship
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