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Misbah Azhar

Bringing About Positive Change-Misbah Azhar’s story

At first meeting, Misbah comes across as a soft-mannered and quiet person, her engaging smile putting one at ease right away. But underneath her easygoing demeanor is a determined young woman who is passionate about extending the privilege of education to the youth of Pakistan, especially women.

Misbah joined Habib University in 2014, as part of the first batch of students, and by her own admission, “Habib popped the bubble,” she was living in.

Although majoring in Communication and Design, Misbah utilized the academic flexibility offered by Habib, and chose to minor in Social Development and Policy.

Spurred by the condition of slum children she saw during the many field trips for her minor, she decided to base her final project on the concept of learning through play. Called, Maidan (playground), the project provided a ‘toolkit’ to children with no access to education and the opportunity to learn through engaging activities.

She has continued to follow her passion and today Maidan is a registered non-profit initiative that caters to women and children living in Karachi’s slum areas who do not have access to education.

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