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Zakat for Higher Education

shariah compliance and zakat

Zakat constitutes the backbone of annual philanthropic contributions made by Pakistanis to various social causes. Pakistanis contribute around $2 billion in charity annually out of which at least 40% of contributions are Zakat.

Your Zakat will go towards providing quality higher education to high-achieving, deserving students from underprivileged backgrounds who would otherwise be unable to access it. Many of these students are the first ones from their families to pursue education beyond the secondary level.

Habib University is committed to educating the brightest minds of Pakistan regardless of their ability to pay. We will prepare these young men and women to become the leaders that are the need of the hour for our nation.

Your Zakat contributions towards higher education will ensure that the future generation of young Pakistanis can face the challenge of a rapidly changing world and provide the vision for the development of Pakistan.

The Zakat collection and disbursement procedure at HU is Shariah compliant and has been certified by a Shariah advisor from Jamia Darul-Uloom Karachi. Habib University has been thus, approved as a Zakat collecting agency. We maintain separate bank accounts for Zakat collection and periodic disbursement. Shariah audits are conducted to ensure transparency. Students make informed decisions about being eligible for Zakat scholarships by signing a declaration form nominating themselves.

Regular consultation is carried out with renowned Shariah scholars to ensure that the Zakat disbursement procedures are being adhered to.

All donations to the Habib University Foundation are eligible for a tax credit under section 61 of the income tax ordinance.

Shariah Advisor’s Report


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